Wisdom teeth are the final molars to develop, usually emerging when you hit your late teens or early twenties. While some people will have sufficient room in their mouth to accommodate these newly emerging teeth, many will likely face problems such as pain, infections, and damage to surrounding teeth due to not having enough room to accommodate these new teeth. Luckily, via regular dental x-rays, our team can often plan for this before you encounter any of these issues. Drs. Jeff Bue and Skye Kim of Kennebec Dental Excellence, serving Winslow and Waterville, Maine, can examine your wisdom teeth to see if they need to be removed.

The Wisdom Tooth Removal Process

The process of removing wisdom teeth can vary based on the type of extraction required. If the tooth is impacted, meaning it is covered by any gum tissue or bone, surgical extraction will be necessary. If the tooth has fully erupted above the gum line, it can be extracted non-surgically.

At Kennebec Dental Excellence in Winslow, Maine, our team can discuss the available options and walk you through the process. Before extracting a tooth, our dentists administer a local anesthetic to numb the area. If you are anxious about the procedure, you can also talk to your doctor about sedation.

Symptoms That Indicate You May Require Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Signs indicating the need for wisdom teeth extraction may include persistent pain, swelling, or tenderness in the back of the mouth. Difficulty opening the mouth fully or biting/chewing due to overcrowding or impaction could signal the need for removal. Gum inflammation, recurrent infections, or cyst formation around the wisdom teeth may also necessitate extraction. Additionally, adjacent tooth decay or shifting in alignment can indicate problematic wisdom teeth. Regular dental check-ups and X-rays help detect issues early, guiding decisions about extraction to prevent complications and maintain oral health.

How do I learn more?

While some individuals may never require wisdom tooth extraction, there are many more who will need this procedure performed in order to save themselves from pain, impaction, infection, and other related problems. 

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