If you need a tooth removed, we are here to help and will make the experience as comfortable as possible. Dr Bue and Dr Kim have both extracted thousands of teeth and are able to skillfully help you through the process.

Once a tooth is removed, getting the surgery site to heal well is the key to your comfort. We place bone grafting material in the hole where the tooth came out to help promote rapid healing, prevent dry socket, support the adjacent teeth, maintain your facial shape (you don’t want sunken-in cheeks), and set you up well for when you replace your missing tooth in the future with an implant or bridge.

Replacing your missing teeth with dental implants will help you to keep your other teeth longer. If you don’t replace your missing teeth the teeth next to the space will TIP OVER, the teeth above or below the space will FALL DOWN, the BONE SHRINKS in the area without a tooth, and OTHER TEETH BREAK because they have to work harder without their teammate. Ask us about your implant options and if you would be a good candidate.

Healing Phase:

Once we have done our part, how quickly the area heals will depend greatly on your overall health, if the tooth was infected, and how closely the post-op instructions are followed.