The benefits of fluoride treatments 

Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps strengthen your teeth, in turn preventing tooth decay for many of our patients. While fluoride is found in city water, mouthwashes, and even toothpaste, it can also be administered manually by a dentist. Dr. Jeff Bue offers fluoride varnish treatment to ensure his patients enjoy the benefits of fluoride and its ability to strengthen and protect the teeth. Let’s talk more about the dental fluoride services at Kennebec Dental Excellence of Winslow and Waterville, Maine!

What is the fluoride varnish treatment?

The fluoride varnish is a colorless liquid containing fluoride and has been used to reduce tooth decay in adults and children for many years. The fluoride treatment involves applying the liquid onto the affected area of a tooth to prevent or stop damage from decay. At our office, we apply the fluoride varnish with every cleaning, strengthening teeth and protecting the smile from future damage!

What benefits does floride varnish treatment provide?

Fluoride varnish treatment provides many advantages when it comes to preventing tooth decay or cavities. It can help to remineralize the enamel on a tooth, which helps to slow down or stop further damage from decay. This treatment also reduces sensitivity and pain in an affected area and protects against future decay. The best part is that the application of a fluoride varnish is quick and painless, performed right in the dentist’s chair. It is often administered during a patient’s routine examination and cleaning and continues to be a proactive way to protect the teeth from decay.

Who should consider the fluoride varnish treatment?

The fluoride varnish treatment is an excellent option for patients of all ages who may be at risk for tooth decay and those with existing cavities that need to be treated. It is especially beneficial for young children or those with special needs who may have difficulty maintaining good oral hygiene or may be unable to tolerate traditional dental restoration processes.

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At Kennebec Dental Excellence, Dr. Jeff Bue and his team offer fluoride treatment to help our patients maintain exceptional oral health and prevent further damage from decay. If you would like to learn more about additional fluoride treatment services or any other treatments we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling (207) 810-5088. We can assist you in getting the smile you deserve with our Waterville, ME, area team. We welcome patients in the areas of Bangor, Augusta, Skowhegan, Belfast, and Gardiner, ME.