Are dental implants a suitable option for me?

Kennebec Dental Excellence’s Dr. Jeff Bue and Dr. Skye Kim in Waterville, Maine, offer dental implants as a reliable and permanent solution to replace missing teeth. Tooth replacement can be daunting for anyone. Our doctors are here to talk over your options to determine which solution is best suited to your lifestyle, budget, and long-term goals. One way our team is setting ourselves apart from the pack is by utilizing a treatment method known as guided dental implants. This new and innovative approach to dental implant placement involves using the patient’s CT images to strategize the surgery with computer software. This allows for greater accuracy and control over the procedure.

What are dental implants?

Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium roots, that are replaced with in the jawbone to resemble a tooth or group of teeth. A screw is inserted through the gums and into the jawbone. A porcelain crown is then attached to the screw to become the new tooth or teeth. They can be used to support dental prosthesis including crowns, dentures, and bridges. Today’s treatments are so natural looking, no one will know you had surgery. There’s approximately a 95% success rate for all implants. With modern advances in dentistry, some implants can be restored immediately with life like all porcelain crowns. For more details ask your dentist.

Dental implants offer an excellent solution for our patients interested in partial dentures and fixed bridges. Removable partial dentures may not fit well for some individuals, while fixed dental bridges can affect the surrounding healthy teeth. Instead, our team may recommend dental implants as a reliable, permanent option for tooth replacement.

Why do patients choose dental implants?

Advances in technology have allowed dental implants to continually provide the most effective smile restoration. Some of the advantages of these restorations include:

Permanency: Dental implants can last for decades with proper care. While the restoration may need replacement, the implant structure remains if bone loss from periodontal disease is avoided.

Functionality: A dental implant can last a long time if patients maintain good oral hygiene. When restored over the abutment, patients can eat and smile confidently without discomfort or worry.

Improved quality of life: Patients who replace missing teeth with dental implants experience increased confidence and self-esteem compared to those using removable dentures.

Precision placement: We are pleased to offer guided dental implant placement, ensuring the implant is positioned right where needed to have the best possible effects and results for our patients.

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The first step towards dental implants is to schedule an appointment with our team for a personal consultation. This will allow our team to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants, provide pertinent information about the procedure, and allow you to ask any questions you may have.

If you reside in Winslow, ME, and want to speak to our team at Kennebec Dental Excellence about guided dental implants, call (207) 810-5088 to request a visit. Our facility is located at 464 Benton Avenue and serves patients in Winslow, Augusta, Belfast, Bangor, Portland, Gardiner, and Waterville.