What cosmetic dentistry procedures are available at Kennebec Dental Excellence?

At Kennebec Dental Excellence, we know how important a beautiful smile can be to our patients. This is why our office serving Winslow and Waterville, Maine, continues to expand our cosmetic dentistry services. Dr. Jeff Bue and Dr. Skye Kim believe in providing restorations that look as natural as possible. Our office is pleased to offer various cosmetic treatments designed to enhance the smile and help you feel confident when socializing with others. Below are just some of the cosmetic solutions we provide.

Dental veneers: Dental veneers are made of composite, ceramic, or porcelain materials that cover a tooth near the front of the smile to disguise imperfections. Veneers are an excellent option for concealing issues, including gaps, discoloration, breakage, and more!

Dental crowns: Dental crowns are “caps” made of porcelain that fit over the natural tooth structure above the gum line and strengthen and protect teeth that might otherwise experience further damage that could require extraction. Dental crowns are a common restoration for teeth that have been weakened from issues ranging from extensive decay, physical trauma, and root canal therapy.

Professional teeth whitening: We are excited to offer professional teeth bleaching solutions to help you brighten your smile and lift deep stains from the natural tooth enamel quickly and efficiently. Many dentists offer both in-office and take-home solutions to meet the needs of their patients. Professional whitening treatments offer many advantages when compared to over-the-counter whitening options. These advantages include more effective bleaching agents, professional guidance and instruction, and longer-lasting results.

Tooth-colored fillings: Patients with cavities can avoid unhealthy silver fillings and instead address areas of tooth decay with a composite resin material that creates a tooth-colored seal.

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Cosmetic dentistry continues to rise in popularity. While once considered something only the rich and famous may seek out, cosmetic dentistry is now utilized by people from all walks of life. Thanks to the wide range of cosmetic dental treatments made readily available, a beautiful smile has never been easier to achieve.

If you reside in Winslow, ME, and want to speak to our team at Kennebec Dental Excellence about cosmetic treatments and a smile makeover, call (207) 810-5088 to request a visit. Our facility is located at 464 Benton Avenue and serves patients in Winslow, Augusta, Belfast, Bangor, Portland, Gardiner, and Waterville.