When and why should I use athletic mouthguards for sports activities?

At Kennebec Dental Excellence of Waterville, Maine, Dr. Jeff Bue and his team may recommend to you the benefits of custom sports mouth guards. Athletic mouthguards are a great way to prevent sports injuries that can cause dental trauma. Custom sports mouth guards are made from a rubber-like material and fit over teeth, gums, and lips to protect them from contact with other hard surfaces or objects.

Athletes of all ages can benefit from wearing sports mouthguards. Dr. Jeff Bue will discuss with you the following advantages of using customized sports guards made at our dental practice:

  • During physical activities that involve running, jumping, hitting or any type of movement where the face could be vulnerable to impact, using a custom-fit sports mouth guard is essential in protecting your smile.
    • Mouth guards help cushion blows that could otherwise cause chips, cracks or broken teeth.
    • Wearing a sports mouth guard will also protect against lacerations inside the mouth caused by sharp teeth edges.
    • Custom-fitted athletic mouth guards offer superior protection compared to those found at sporting goods stores because they are designed specifically for an individual and the contours of their teeth and gums. This ensures proper fit and function.

What sports should I consider using a mouthguard?

There are several high-contact, high-impact sports that may even require you to wear a mouth guard. Sports such as football, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and rugby are all sports where a custom-fit mouth guard should be worn.

Speak to our team today about obtaining a customized athletic mouthguard!

At Kennebec Dental Excellence of Waterville, Maine, Dr. Jeff Bue and his team can create a mouthguard that fits you perfectly. You do not have to worry about sacrificing comfort or performance when it comes to protecting your smile with the help of a custom-fitted sports mouth guard from Kennebec Dental Excellence! Call us today to learn more about the benefits. Our office is located at 464 Benton Avenue and can be reached by calling (207) 810-5088. We serve patients and families in and around the areas of Waterville, Winslow, Bangor, Augusta, Skowhegan, Gardiner, and Belfast, ME.